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This community was inspired by themed fan communities such as 30_romances and 55themes! It's pretty much the same excepting that all entries are AU! Each author can claim up to three pairings from various fandoms and have fun. I decide to only make it 10 themes because I didn't want to pressure anyone. The rules (below) are yoinked from 55themes and tweaked a bit to fit this community.


1. Do not insult someone’s work because you do not like the character or series they’re writing or drawing. I will not tolerate hatred against people for their particular likes or dislikes.

2. No flaming. There are other communities or journals where you can flame characters, pairings, series, or whatever, but it won’t be here!

3. You must post something at least every once and awhile to keep up. I’m not saying post something every single day of the year, but if you don’t post within that time your claims will be up for dibs.

4. Please review some of others’ works. You don’t necessarily have to, but it would help if you gave constructive criticism for their writing style.

5. You may claim up to three pairings altogether. Up to two people may claim the same pairing. A collaboration counts as one claim if the two users submit only (up to) 13 pieces between the two of them. (Crossovers and threesomes are permitted.)

6. Any kind of pairing or couple may do. Yaoi, yuri, het, incest, or whatever floats your boat.

7. Please give warnings for any spoilers, intense scenes, or any think not work safe. And rate it accordingly so that people don’t get themselves into something they don’t want to.

8. Be creative and don’t feel pressured to write all the time.

9. You don’t have to write the themes in order.

10. Please place all fanfics or fanart under the LJ-CUT.

11. When you join, please post up at least 1 request for a couple. If you need to think over what couple you want, go ahead, but please at least claim a couple within 3 weeks of joining.

12. Try to only use one theme per fic. It's just a lot nicer that way (and more fun! ~_^)

Fanfic or Fanart Posting Forms

Theme and Number:
Summary: (please make brief)

More About Claiming

When you claim a character, don’t say:


Please write it more like a person instead of like some idiot at an auction.

I would like to claim:

Couple: Heero Yuy/ Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing).
Crossover Couple: Roy Mustang/Zechs Merquise (FullMetal Alchemist and Gundam Wing)

1 - Way of the Samurai or Hakama
2 - Ice Cream Sundae or Sweet Treats
3 - Put Your Happy Face On or Smile
4 - Cooperation
5 - Haunting or Occult Freak
6 - Celebrate! or Holidays
7 - Just Like Magic! or Wizardry
8 - Technology
9 - Damnation
10 - Mysterious Stranger

Bonus Themes (use in place of others or do them too)

11 - Thunk
12 - High School or Sensei
13 - Virtual Reality or Dreams

Post and drop claims here.